S&W 76 / MK 760 3-Lug Style Barrel Nut

Requested by a customer so that he could use his 3-Lug mount suppressor on his Smith 76. This nut retains the barrel just as a shroud does but mimics the flat front of the UZI and permits passage of a barrel with a 3-Lug suppressor mount installed. The MP 40 style nut can be slotted as well but in our humble opinion, the UZI style nut looks better. We can also provide shrouds slotted for 3-Lug barrels but either the barrel must be longer or the shroud made shorter to properly accomodate the suppressor when mounted.

Proper installation of the barrel nut calls for depressing the latch then tightening the barrel nut the last turn or so. Merely screwing the nut into place will lead to wear on the serrations on the rear face of the nut (and the latch) and the nut will vibrate loose during firing.

BE ADVISED that without the ventillated shroud over the barrel, burns are a distinct possibility.