S&W 76 / MK 760 3-Lug Barrel

Another very popular suppressor mounting system is the 3-Lug. A number of suppressor makers use this mount configuration in their products. The barrel installs and removes just like the standard parts. The shroud nut is slotted to permit passage of the 3-Lug adapter.

Barrel length shown is 5-1/2" (plus the unthreaded internal portion of the adapter). Also shown is a short shroud with cloverleaf slotted shroud nut to mount the barrel in normal fashion. The cloverleaf cuts can be seen through the shroud holes. This barrel will also work with the UZI style 3-Lug Barrel Nut pictured below.

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S&W 76 Barrel w/ 3-Lug adapter Barrel in special 3-Lug shroud UZI Style nut for 3-Lug adapter

SMG barrel only, threaded for 3-Lug: $90.00
We supply 3-Lug & install on our barrel, add: $75.00
Install customer's 3-Lug on our barrel: No Charge
Shroud w/ slotted nut: $85.00
UZI-style slotted nut: $55.00

Barrel & shroud combos:
We supply 3-Lug, new barrel & shroud: $225.00
You supply 3-Lug, we supply new barrel & shroud: $160.00