S&W 76 / MK 760 Button Bolt Handle

During the firing cycle the bolt handle makes violent reversals of direction for each round fired. The cantilevered portion extending outside the receiver (the finger piece) is additionally subjected to inertial forces and actually flexes back and forth on each shot. After a period of time, fatigue sets in and the finger piece breaks off. Not only can you not cock the 76 / 760, the bolt has lost the guide which keeps it properly positioned in the receiver.

This lighter weight and lower profile bolt handle is intended to minimize the inertial effects on the bolt handle while the knurled surface still offers a secure grip. As always, you should never attempt to cock your 76 / 760 (or any other firearm) with wet, dirty, or oily hands as the possibility does exist that fingers will slip and an unintended discharge could result.