S&W 76 / MK 760 Full Auto Bolt

Our bolts are made of 4140 steel, properly heat treated, and produced in limited production runs . They feature the "curved" transition from bolt nose to bolt body as these have been found to work in any Smith 76 or MK 760 in which they have been tried. They are complete with extractor (they use the 'short' extractor) and each bolt is function fired in the shop gun prior to being bead blasted and parkerized.

This is perhaps the most involved part we make in regards to machining steps & time required. This is the reason we make them in limited batches and often have to place customers on a waiting list for bolts.

These bolts are for the Smith & Wesson 76 and MK 760 submachine guns. While they are very similar to the bolts used in the Special Weapons 76 (SW 76) They ARE NOT the same and WILL NOT work in the Special Weapons 76 firearms.