S&W 76 / MK 760 Extractors

The MK 760 was made by a number of different firms and as a result there are 2 different sets of extractor dimensions in use. While the two extractors may look identical (and will fit the extractor slots in the bolts) the position of the pin holes in the extractors varies enough that the 2 ARE NOT interchangeable. The different extractors appear to be associated with different bolt nose configurations. Please refer to the drawing below to determine which bolt you have and which extractor you need.

In some cases it may be necessary to ship the bolt to us for extractor fitting.

The extractor is a wear part and should be examined closely at every cleaning. The extractor slot in the bolt and the spring hole should be cleaned. Residue from firing will accumulate around the extractor and will pack the spaces between the spring coils impeding proper operation.