S&W 76 / MK 760 Magazines

Like other parts, magazines for these subguns have become scarce. Fortunately, several other guns use the same trapezoidal magazine design, and after minor modifications are made to them, they function just as well as the hard to find originals. The idea here is to utilize a more readily available, relatively inexpensive magazine and adapt it to work in these subguns. The primary candidates for conversion are the TEC-9, AP-9 and DC-9 magazines. The 36 round Suomi M31 / Swedish K magazines make excellent conversion mags. There are probably others which will work also, but please read MAGAZINE NOTES below.

Since a number of states, counties and cities have enacted magazine capacity bans, PLEASE read the STATE / LOCAL RESTRICTIONS in the GENERAL INFROMATION tab.

Also, If your present magazines are loose or have worn latch / guide plates and do not feed properly because of it, the same operations performed on the conversion magazines can be applied to your loose / worn magazines to correct fit and feed problems.

Magazine conversion work consists of:
1.    Machine new steel front guide and rear latch plates.
2.    Remove original plates (if necessary) and attach new plates to magazine body.
3.    If desired, locate, drill, and number stamp cartridge-counting holes in magazine body if needed.
4.    Live fire function test magazine.
5.    Clean, bead blast and Parkerize magazine.
6.    Oil, wrap, and return to customer.

READY-TO-GO magazines, converted as stated above. Usually have 32 / 34 / 36** round mags in stock. Occasionally have 20 round and 50 round mags. Call for availability.

Several items need to be mentioned here regarding candidates for magazine conversion:

1.    READY-TO-GO magazines are converted from ORIGINAL TEC-9, AP-9, and DC-9 mags whenever possible. I have found these to be of better overall quality and uniformity than some after market magazines. They produce a more authentic looking finished product. This is a statement of fact and experience and is not intended to be an indictment of any after market product. I will still convert YOUR after market magazines.

2.    Magazines to be used in the S&W 76 / MK 760 MUST have the same strong trapezoidal shape as the magazine guide well. As long as the front to back measurement of the conversion magazine does not exceed 1.375 inches and the centerline of the top cartridge when seated in the magazine does not exceed 8 degrees above a line perpendicular to the back of the magazine, then that mag can probably successfully converted. E-mail or write and we'll discuss it. For reference, original S&W 76, MK 760, and Swedish K magazines use a 3 to 4 degree angle. Also, due to the MK 760 being made by a number of firms, a fair degree of dimensional variation exists in the magazine wells and latches. When ordering magazines, please advise the maker of your MK 760.

3.    Since the conversion work requires that the magazines be refinished, new, pristine condition magazines are not required. Used, faded finish magazines are perfect so long as they are not rusted (light outside surface rust is not a problem). However, the mags MUST BE functionally sound.

4.    Any magazines sent for conversion / rebuild deemed unsuitable for any reason will be returned along with the conversion fee and a note of explanation.

READY-TO-GO magazine: . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $75.00
CONVERSION / REBUILD work on YOUR magazine(s): $30.00
Extra for Hot Bluing, per magazine: . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $25.00

** Capacity varies due to structure of original mag used for conversion.