Smith & Wesson 76 / MK 760

Repair Services

For questions relating to functioning problems, please go to our trouble shooting page: 76 / 760 Troubleshooting.

For questions relating specifically to magazines, please go to our magazine page: 76 / 760 Magazines.

Some 76 / 760 parts, such as the trigger group, bolt and shroud can often be repaired at a sizeable cost savings over replacing them. We offer the following repair services:

Due to wear, tolerance stacking, etc., these guns will reach a point where they produce semi-auto fire even when set in the “FULL” position. Repair does not require the receiver, only the trigger group and possibly the bolt. The under side of the trigger bar is built up with heli-arc welding and reshaped to properly mate with the selector shaft. The front end of the trigger bar is reshaped to properly engage the sear notch. The reworked trigger group is then installed on the shop gun and test fired. Unless speciafically requested, the trigger group is not bead blasted and Parkerized. A Repair Report is returned with the trigger group.

If internal parts or more extensive repairs are required, or if the customer wants the trigger group bead blasted and Parkerized,additional charges will apply. In this case, the customer will be notified after assesment of required repairs and prior to commencement of repair work.

Trigger Group Repair, as described: $60.00
Bead blast & Parkerize, as described: $20.00

After many, many rounds have been fired, the firing pin (machined as an integral part of the bolt) will wear to the point that ignition will become unreliable. The firing pin usually wears out from the underside though we have seen some mushroomed firing pins - most likely an indication of ammunition with hard primers or, very rarely, a slightly out-of-spec heat tratment. Also note that a ring will erode around the firing pin as a result of powder gases leaking past the primer. The replacement firing pin will correct this condition also.

We drill out the damaged firing pin then fabricate, heat treat, and install a new firing pin thus returning the bolt to proper operating condition. The repaired bolt is then test fired in the shop gun after which it is bead blasted, Parkerized and returned to the customer. A Repair Report is returned with the bolt.

Firing Pin Replacement, as described: $75.00

Replacement of the entire bolt nose is required as a result of damage to the lower feed lip on the bolt. This lower feed lip keeps the head of the cartridge away from the firing pin until the round is started into the chamber lining it up with the recess in the bolt face. Heavy wear or damage to the lower feed lip (which can be rather thin in some factory bolts) allows the rim to catch under the firing pin and stops the round from feeding.

We machine a recess approximately 5/8" diameter and 1/4" deep to completely remove the original bolt nose. We then machine, fit, and temporarily install a replacement bolt nose bringing the bolt back to proper length. The necessary clearance cuts for the extractor, ejector, and magazine feed lips are made. The new bolt nose is then removed, heat treated, and permanently installed in the bolt. The repaired bolt is test fired in the shop gun after which it is bead blasted, Parkerized and returned to the customer. A Repair Report is returned with the bolt.

On our replacement bolt noses, the bottom feed lip is both thicker and slightly longer than factory and is properly blended into the existing bolt body. The resulting curved profile of the underside of the bolt is reminicient of the profile of the underside of the STEn bolt. We know that it works properly because we live fire test every repaired bolt in the shop gun.

Bolt Nose Replacement, as described: $125.00

In spite of all due dilligence and quality control by ammunition manufacturers, commercial and home reloaders alike, eventually a squib round will find its way into the mix and leave a stuck bullet in the barrel. If the stuck bullet is caught at this point, and is carefully tapped out of the barrel with a brass rod, no damage to the barrel will result. Unfortunately it is all too easy to simply retract the bolt, dump the misfired case (still spewing unburned powder), and resume shooting. The very next bullet fired slams into the one lodged in the barrel resulting in two stuck bullets and a bulged barrel. Add in the unexpected fireworks, smoke and stronger than normal recoil and you have an exciting moment to remember.

The shroud will almost always come off of the receiver normally but the bulge in the barrel will keep the barrel captive. We can remove the bulged barrel and save the shroud. Attempts to remove the barrel without the proper equipment usually result in a damaged / ruined shroud to go along with the already ruined barrel.

Bulged Barrel Removal, as described: $45.00