S&W 76 / MK 760 SMG Special Shrouds

These shouds have a variation in the hole pattern normally found on S&W 76 / MK 760 SMGs. The top shroud was made for a customer who wanted something a bit different and has the vent holes cut in a spiral pattern. The bottom shroud, for a different customer, has the second and sixth bands of holes omitted so that a full 360° of metal is available for drilling and tapping to mount laser or other sights.

Should you need a shroud with a special hole pattern we can most likely accomodate your needs. We can omit bands of holes, rows of holes or single holes.

In the interest of everyone communicating clearly, please note the following:
1. The 4 holes in a line surrounding the tube are referred to as a 'band'.
2. The 7 holes ia a column from rear to front is a 'row'.
3. The band nearest the shroud nut (rear) is #1 band.
4. The holes are 1/2" in diameter with a 1/4" land between adjacent holes in a row.

Normally a very stout part, damage to the shroud is usually confined to the serrations on the rear face of the nut portion which engage the shroud latch.

Proper installation of the shroud calls for depressing the latch then tightening the shroud the last several turns. Merely screwing the shroud into place will lead to wear on the serrations on the rear face of the nut and the point of the shroud latch and the shroud will vibrate loose during firing.