S&W 76 / MK 760 Suppressor Barrels

Two popular and subsequently widely used suppressors are those for the MAC and the UZI. A number of suppressor makers use these thread configurations in their products. This special barrel & nut assembly duplicates the mount configuration found on the MAC (3/4-10) and UZI (M26x1.5) subguns. The barrel installs and removes as a one-piece unit and is retained by the barrel nut latch as is a standard barrel & shroud assembly. Barrel lengths are 5" for the MAC and 6" for the UZI since the UZI has a longer 'nose' in front of the threads.

With these adapter barrels, there is no way to "lock" the suppressor to the barrel. The suppressor must be checked, and if needed, tightened after every magazine to insure that it does not come loose and result in a baffle strike. This should be old hat for all the MAC shooters but the UZI shooters need to be aware of this necessity when using the adapter barrel.

Should you need a suppressor mount thread other that the 2 listed above, we can supply a custom barrel with any reasonable thread. Call or e-mail and we will discuss it. Price and delivery is by quote only.

NOTE: Threaded barrels DO NOT come with a thread protector. Thread protectors are available at extra cost.