ERMA EMP Replacement Bolt Head

The ERMA EMP is a true classic submachine gun. During the DEWAT rage of the 60s, standard practice was to mill off the front bottom of the bolt at a 45 degree angle thus removing the feed lips from the bolt. Even on the the unaltered bolts, age and use have taken a toll. This replacement bolt head uses a fixed firing pin and new recoil spring guide rod to return this classic SMG to operational status.

This bolt head makes use of the readily available and thoroughtly proven UZI extractor and like the UZI bolt, has a hole through the bolt body permitting one to push the extractor out from the back for cleaning and replacement.

During original manufacture, bolt heads were fitted to the bolt bodies and are not interchangeable. We must have the complete bolt assembly to properly fit the new bolt head to the bolt body. The new bolt head will be marked with the assembly number / serial number appearing on the bolt body.

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