PPs 43 Barrels

These 9-7/8" barrels are available in 7.62 x 25, 9 x 19 Luger and now 9 x 23 Largo as well. All barrels are supplied with a Parkerized finish as standard. The barrels pictured below are in 9 x 19 Luger.

Each barrel comes with a complete set of instructions and the appropriate dummy rounds needed to properly and safely install the new barrel.


Even though the ORIGINAL PPs 43s have been made by numerous factories in many different countries, they do not appear to suffer the dimensional variations found in the PPSh 41. None the less, please advise the maker and/or country of origin your PPs 43.

These barrels are intended for PPs 43s based on the SMG dimensions which use a 16.5 mm (.648") trunnion mount. They WILL NOT fit the current crop of semi-auto guns marked "I.O. Monroe, NC; Made in Poland". These guns can be identified by the pronounced hump located between the ejection port and the first row of perforations in the barrel shroud. These guns require a barrel with a 15.5 mm (.610") trunnion mount. We make these barrels also but must know which mounting system your gun employs.

Testing has shown that the 9 x 23 Largo round is suitable for use in the PPs 43. The magazine will accept a full 35 rounds and functioning has shown to be quite good. The 9 x 23 Largo barrels are intended for the surplus Spanish ammunition currently on the market and SHOULD NEVER BE USED with Winchester 9 x 23 factory ammunition as this loading is much too hot for the PPs 43 platform!

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PPs 43 SMG Barrels PPs 43 Breech Detail