Contact Us

The best means of contacting us is via E-Mail. Please direct your messages, inquiries, etc. to:

We will answer your E-Mails but it may take us a day (or 2 or 3) to do so. If you don't receive an immediate reply understand that we are not ignoring you. There is a fixed amount of time available every day which must be split between the day job, the shop, and the computer. Not to mention trying to maintain domestic tranquility on the home front.

Our mailing address is:
Scott Andrey Machine
108 Beaufort Road
Fremont, NC 27830-9149

Our telephone number is:
(919) 242 6334

While we very much like talking with our customers on the telephone and will gladly "make" the time to do so, please remember that we are a small shop and if we spend our time on the telephone discussing the aspects of our mutual interest, we are not "making chips" - turning raw materials into the parts and other goodies for you, our customers.