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Replacement bolt head

MP 41 Style Barrel
to fit MP 40 Receiver

MP 41 Carbine Barrel
for Semi-Auto MP 41

MP 41 Barrel
Retaining Nuts

Extended & Threaded
Sterling Barrel
Shown w/ Barrel Blank

Left Hand Ejection
Sterling Barrel
w/ Standard Barrel

Extended & Threaded
Sterling Barrel
w/ 1/2-28 thread

5" Suppressor Barrel
for Tool Room S&W 76

S&W 76 SMG Special

S&W 76 SMG Oversize
Suppressor Shrouds
By Quote

S&W 76 Custom

PPSh 41 Carbine
Barrel - 16.3"
Advise Maker

PPs 43 Carbine
Barrel - 16.5"
Advise Maker

UZI Barrel w/
3/4 - 10 MAC
Suppressor Mount