General Information

All parts are guaranteed to fit and function.

All "K" and 76 magazines and barrels are live fire function tested, as are the 76 bolts. If your gun functions properly with original barrels and magazines, it should function fine with these parts. Should the latch or guide plates become detached from the magazine, they will be re-attached free of charge. This guarantee is void if the barrels, magazines, or parts have been abused or "tinkered" with and does not cover wear and tear sustained through normal use. In the unlikely event problems should arise, call or write, explaining the problem in detail. Adjustment, repair, replacement, or refund will be addressed. Remember, firearms, like people, are individuals. Each is an individual and has its' own idiosyncrasies which can sometimes cause problems. No other guarantee or statement of suitability for any particular use is expressed or implied.

Cashier's Checks and US Postal Money Orders are preferred. Personal and Company checks are accepted but must clear the bank before work is started or parts shipped. This usually takes about 3 weeks. UPS C.O.D. is available but the customer must pay the C.O.D. fee.

Sorry, but we don't accept credit cards, PayPal, or electronic transfers.

North Carolina customers please include state sales tax. This isn't our idea, but the sales tax must be paid and the State of North Carolina takes a dim view of things when they don't get their cut!

The parts and services we offer are primarily for the Class 3 community and deal with NFA weapons. This is a highly regulated and controlled area of the shooting sports and receives scrutiny at all levels of law enforcement often (we feel) totally out of proportion to any true need. That not withstanding, we reserve the right to refuse any order at any time if we even think that completing said order will result in the possibility of either a Federal or State law being violated. Furthermore we reserve the right to refuse any work at any time which we feel will be unsafe or result in a situation that may be unsafe if carried to completion.

With the sunset of the infamous Magazine Ban, magazines are not restricted items (in most states and local jurisdictions) and no special permit is needed. They may be shipped via UPS or US Mail. Please wrap them securely in a strong carton and use sufficient packing material. Include in the package payment and a letter explaining exactly what is desired. Please, please include a telephone number, either day or evening, and / or e-mail address in your letter. Having these contacts really speeds up resolution of any questions regarding your order. Also, some states along with counties and cities have enacted magazine capacity limits. Please refer to STATE / LOCAL RESTRICTIONS below for this information. This list is constabtly changing and keeping up with it is a Hurculean task so this list may not be up to date. YOU must check your local laws to be sure.

All prices include shipping TO THE ORIGINAL 48 STATES. This is usually by Priority US Mail. Other methods UPS & Fedex Ground, Next Day Air, Air Express, and US Postal Service Express Mail - are available but the extra cost must be born by the customer. Shipments to ALASKA and HAWAII will require additional shipping fees, as shipments must go UPS Second Day Air. Call and we will discuss it.

Any damage sustained in shipping must be reported to the carrier immediately. Save the shipping carton and all packing material, as the carrier will not process any claims without them.

Due to restrictive laws in some states, as well as some counties and cities, magazines exceeding certain capacity limits and some full auto only parts can no longer be shipped to some areas. If you live in one of the listed states, you can send magazines to us for conversion but we can't send them back to you. This isn't our idea, but we, like you, must obey the law. Don't even think of asking us to violate any laws, Federal, State or Local.

YOU must determine your right to purchase, own, use or resell specific products offered by SAMachine.

YOU must check the laws in your jurisdiction both state and local / county / city.

As local laws are constantly changing, it is YOUR responsibility to determine if a product is prohibited before ordering from SAMachine.

By ordering from SAMachine you warrant that you are an adult and have no legal restrictions relating to ordering and possesing the parts in question and that you are complying with all federal, state, local, and county / city laws. Please check your local laws before ordering.

California: 10 round maximum for all magazines.
New Jersey: 15 round maximum for all magazines.
Maryland: 20 round maximum for all magazines.
Massachusetts: 10 round maximum for all magazines.
Washington State: ANY part that can ONLY be used in an automatic weapon.


We are a SMALL shop, and the principals still have other job responsibilities and have famlies. These often dictate that we spend our time in ways other than making parts. While most of the parts are production items, the work to produce them is exacting and involves a number of necessary jigs, fixtures, and machine set-ups as well as machining & gauging operations. Once the machinery is set up to make a particular part, we make as many parts as there are orders for plus extras to try to stay ahead of anticipated demand. It is counter productive to stop in the middle of a run of "Part A", tear down the set-ups, reset everything for "Part B", make one or two "Part Bs", then tear down again and reset everything back again to complete the run of "Part As" which is where we were to start with. What this means, is that if you order a Smith 76 barrel and we either have them on hand or are making them at the moment, your order can be turned rather quickly. If, however, we are making MP 40 barrels at the moment your order arrives and don't have any Smith 76 barrels left on hand, delivery of your order will take longer. How much longer depends on what other parts have to be made before we can get back to Smith 76 barrels. Some where in all of this we still have to allocate time to work on custom / one-of-a-kind orders. With this in mind, please allow at least 4 to 6 weeks for order turn around. We can turn most orders in this time. Regrettably, some orders take longer due to scheduling, the complexity of the work involved and / or requirements for special tooling, fixtures etc. The ONLY exception to the above is for Law Enforcement use ordered on Department Letterhead and shipped to the letterhead address.

Please read the GUARANTEE and SHIPPING IN sections above. Every effort is made to insure that converted magazines, new barrels and parts are fully functional before they are shipped. Should it be necessary to seek adjustment, the defective item(s) must be returned for examination. These are the guidelines on returns:

You have 45 days from receipt of the items to make any problems known. Even with the restrictions on Class 3 firearms, this should afford ample time to function check the parts in your own weapon.

Include a letter explaining the problem in detail. What does it do? What doesn't it do? Is the ammunition of good quality, either factory or reloads? Have you tried other brands of ammunition and / or styles of bullets? Is this the same ammunition you use with original barrels and magazines? Did this ammunition work properly with original barrels and / or magazines?

Package return items carefully. Shipping damage caused by improper packaging may make it impossible to do an exchange or refund.

After examining the problem items, disposition will be as follows:

On magazine(s) supplied by the customer, if the problem appears to be dimensional or tolerance related to the latch / guide plates, adjustment of the positions / dimensions of these plates will be made. If adjustment isn't possible or doesn't correct the problem, an exchange will be made with another converted magazine. If possible, this exchange magazine will be of the same size and type as the unsatisfactory one. Should such an exchange not be acceptable, an unaltered magazine of the same or similar type and capacity along with the conversion fee will be refunded.

Barrels and parts will be adjusted or exchanged to compensate for small dimensional or tolerance variation problems so long as such adjustment does not adversely affect the safety of the parts. Should this not be acceptable, purchase price will be refunded.

Magazine loaders, READY-TO-GO magazines, etc., will be exchanged or the purchase price refunded.