Placing an Order



We are sorry for any inconvience this might cause but a number of factors have led us to this decision.

Orders may be placed via E-mail, US Mail, or telephone. We prefer a written order (E-mail or Letter). This is especially important when requesting a custom item. The clearer and more consise your order, the fewer chances for mistakes. We will gladly take phone orders BUT we ask that when you send payment for the phone order, PLEASE include a short note recapping the items ordered over the phone.

Whatever means you use to place your order, PLEASE include your contact information - name, address, telephone number, E-mail address. Having this information makes resolution of questions MUCH easier.

Cashier's Checks and US Postal Money Orders are preferred. Personal and Company checks are accepted but must clear the bank before work is started or parts shipped. This usually takes about 3 weeks. UPS C.O.D. is available but the customer must pay the C.O.D. fee.

Sorry, but we don't accept credit cards, PayPal, or electronic transfers.

North Carolina customers please include current state sales tax. This isn't our idea, but the sales tax must be paid and the State of North Carolina takes a dim view of things when they don't get their cut!

The parts and services we offer are primarily for the Class 3 community and deal with NFA weapons. This is a highly regulated and controlled area of the shooting sports and receives scrutiny at all levels of law enforcement often (we feel) totally out of proportion to any true need. That not withstanding, we reserve the right to refuse any order at any time if we even think that completing said order will result in the possibility of either a Federal or State law being violated. Furthermore we reserve the right to refuse any work at any time which we feel will be unsafe or result in a situation that may be unsafe if carried to completion.