Updated  06/01/13
Scott Andrey Machine

Welcome to the SAMachine website!

We are still very much in business and wish to thank you for choosing us to provide the parts and services you seek.  To make your experience with us a pleasant as possible please read through the following information before entering our product pages.   Doing so prior to placing your order will greatly aid your understanding of our operation as well as helping to avoid any potential 'heartburn' that may otherwise arise concerning your order.

Starting around mid 2012 our order volume took a jump.   Quite possibly this was in anticipation of the upcoming elections.   We can say that as a result of the 2012 elections and subsequent events around the country, demand for our produts and services has skyrocketed.   We are not alone in this situation.   The suppliers on whom we depend for our raw materials and support services are experiencing the same problems.   This is true across the board with all manufacturers and businesses dealing with firearms, ammunition, and related products.   This across the board increase in demand has placed a severe strain not only on our ability to produce and deliver the items we make but also on our ability to get the raw materials and outside services we need from our suppliers.   In many cases lead times in both directions have become very long and have resulted in some of our customers becoming upset with us.

Prior to placing your order PLEASE NOTE THE FOLLOWING 4 ITEMS:

Item 1
This information appears on our GENERAL INFORMATION page and has appeared there since Day 1.   Since it seems to be routinely overlooked, here it is again in bold print.  It seems that people simply WILL NOT read the fine print!


We are a SMALL shop, and the principals still have other job responsibilities and have famlies. These often dictate that we spend our time in ways other than making parts. While most of the parts are production items, the work to produce them is exacting and involves a number of necessary jigs, fixtures, and machine set-ups as well as machining & gauging operations. Once the machinery is set up to make a particular part, we make as many parts as there are orders for plus extras to try to stay ahead of anticipated demand. It is counter productive to stop in the middle of a run of "Part A", tear down the set-ups, reset everything for "Part B", make one or two "Part Bs", then tear down again and reset everything back again to complete the run of "Part As" which is where we were to start with. What this means, is that if you order a Smith 76 barrel and we either have them on hand or are making them at the moment, your order can be turned rather quickly. If, however, we are making MP 40 barrels at the moment your order arrives and don't have any Smith 76 barrels left on hand, delivery of your order will take longer. How much longer depends on what other parts have to be made before we can get back to Smith 76 barrels. Some where in all of this we still have to allocate time to work on custom / one-of-a-kind orders. With this in mind, please allow at least 4 to 6 weeks for order turn around. We can turn most orders in this time. Regrettably, some orders take longer due to scheduling, the complexity of the work involved and / or requirements for special tooling, fixtures etc. The ONLY exception to the above is for Law Enforcement use ordered on Department Letterhead and shipped to the letterhead address.

Item 2
Simply restated, EVERYONE associated with SAMachine already has a FULL TIME JOB!   This is the job that pays the bills, keeps a roof over the families' heads, food on the table etc.   SAMachine is a SIDELINE for everyone associated with it!   All work for SAMachine is attended to in our SPARE TIME.   The same spare time that must be shared with wives and families.   Maintenance of Domestic Tranquality on the home front is a priority for all associates - as it should be.   We do machine work because we enjoy it and because we are providing parts and services we have not found to be available elsewhere.   We don't do it because we're getting rich doing it.   We aren't.   If we were, then this would be the full time job.   One day it may be.   However, as the saying goes, "Today isn't that day," etc. etc.

Item 3
The 4 to 6 weeks delivery time mentioned above dates from a time period far calmer than the present.   The current political climate has led to greatly increased demand which in turn has dictated larger production runs of parts.   Larger runs mean longer times to complete.   This pushes the next scheduled items further down the calendar.  Adding in longer waits to get the raw materials needed to make the parts only exacerbates the situation.   As a result, delivery times are all over the place.   Often orders will come in requesting parts we have on hand, parts that are scheduled to be available in a month or so and parts that are even further out in the production schedule.   This makes estimating a shipping date not only extremely difficult but in some cases impossible.

When we receive your order, we will ship those parts we have available.   The remaining parts will be placed on back order and will ship as they become available.   You do have some options:

1)   You may direct us to hold the available parts and ship all parts as a complete order.

2)  You may request that a refund be issued for any back-ordered parts and that you be placed on the "Notify When Ready" list.

Very long lead time items (six months or more) are done on a notify basis.   Payment for these long lead time items will be arranged for when you are notified that the parts are ready.

Item 4
We understand and we appreciate your concern.   In many cases we have your money and you have nothing to show for it.   Feel free to call and chat with us about your order.   When doing so remember the information stated above and the following points:

We understand your concern.

We appreciate your courtesy and your patience.

We expect civility.

Becoming testy, irate, or beating us up is not likely to advance your cause.   We are not happy with the long delay situation either and are trying to deal with it as best we can.   Rest assured that we will get the items you ordered to you as quickly as we can.   If you so desire you may cancel your order at any time and request the appropriate refund.

If, during your communication with us, we receive a THREAT - of ANY kind, either expressed or implied - the following actions will take place IMMEDIATELY.

1.   Your order, or those portions of it that remain outstanding, WILL BE CANCELLED.

2.   A REFUND will be issued for either the entire order or such items as remain outstanding.   Any parts sent to us for repair or modification will be returned in what ever state they happen to be in at that moment.   This may be any where from untouched to partially completed.   (If they have been completed, then that portion of the order is filled and they will be returned to you as a finished product if you have not received them already.)

3.   You will be added to our "NEVER DO BUSINESS WITH AGAIN" list.   Every business has such a list - whether they admit it or not.   Some customers just can't be satisfied.   In the nearly 20 years we have been in business we have only 3 names on our list.  (Not a bad record at all!)   Are you sure that you want to be the next entry?   (By the way, around the shop the name used is much shorter and far more descriptive.)

Now that we have the preliminaries out of the way, simply click on the tab below to enter the site.

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